Nata Fuebbi, best age model 
Follow your dreams!  They show you the right way!

by aristaphoto

Beautiful and Succesful

European Model Nata Fuebbie’s Work Quickly Helps Sell Fashion
All her life, Nata Fuebbie had wished to be a model. At 47, she started to make that dream come true. Now, she is a highly sought-after model for commercials as well as print and runway work. Her talent, beauty, and style are so appealing that nearly anything that she wears sells quickly.     


What made you decide to become a model?


It was my childhood dream. It has always been inside of me.
What modeling experience do you have?
I have been working with many design houses, for example Silbernadel Couture, Maurice Martinez, BaroQco Jewelry, Paulina Tzvetanova, Tam Mai, and many others. I have worked in beauty commercials, and have appeared in different international publications including fashion magazines, such as Ellas Magazine, Vigour, Shuba, Edith, Top Shot, and others. I was happy to be on the cover of Malvie magazine. I am also a catwalk model for Berlin Fashion Hall and Berlin Fashion Week. I take part in many photo shoots and work with talented photographers, makeup artists, and other creative people.


What do you enjoy most about modeling?


I love modeling because I can be a part of a huge creative project! First of all, designers have their vision, then they and their teams work on the ideas. Sometimes it takes months! Each piece is unique! And as a model, you may be the first to wear these visions and present them to the audience. This is a great honor for me! I feel that I bring the designers' dreams to people, to real life. So, to be a tiny part of this huge process makes me feel really happy.
I also enjoy meeting talented people, because after you communicate with them you are filled with light and beauty.
One of the highlights of ny career was the Silbernadel Couture Show in Magdeburg, Germany, during the Otto Macht Mode event. I was honored to wear a beautiful red bridal dress, which was almost three meters long and had an amazing 10-meter long veil. This show was a Cathedral, the background was impactful because of the extremely high ceilings, and there were amazing lights, fantastic music and, of course, a great audience. I will never forget that moment!



Tell me about your biggest modeling accomplishment.


Maybe this is a little unexpected what I say, but it is not being in a specific publication or on a catwalk or becoming a commercial model– which are also great! My biggest modeling accomplishment is to be myself! Yes, being who and what you want is the greatest success and a true luxury in my opinion.
Today I'm 49 and I am really happy that I didn't listen to anyone who told me to stop my modeling career! I can tell everyone now: live your life, take a step toward your dreams every day, and enjoy every moment of your life!


Who is your favorite designer and why?


As a model it is difficult to say who my favorite designer is. But there is one that I work with very often. Her design house is Silbernadel Couture and she is amazing! I love her outfits and dresses! I know how much time she spends on her ideas, how she works. I think she is so talented and so creative that sometimes I think she is getting her vision from the universe! I have many beautiful dresses from her and wear them very often. Still, I really love and admire every designer I work with!



Why should an agency hire you?


Your agency should hire me because almost  everything I wear or talk about would be sold immediately. I know how to wear outfits, how to act in front of the camera –I have my own live interview program– and how to move on the catwalk.
Very often, a fashion show is not even over and the dresses I have been wearing during the show sell out. I am very happy about this!


How do you prepare for a photoshoot?


Photoshoots are very important for me! First of all, I have to be in very good health and very good shape, so I do a lot of sports and eat healthy food. This is what I do almost every day.
Then, if I have a photoshoot, I think about what kind of shoot it is. I choose outfits, if I am not given any, and think about posing and the emotions I want to show in the pictures. Sometimes I have a story I want to tell  the audience. I love to work with different photographers, because each one is unique and it is very important to have a connection with one another. So I look through the photographers’ works and speak with them about our future shoot. If we have mutual goals and we understand one another, we can get  really great pictures!



What is your message for our Heart Of Hollywood Magazine readers?


If you can't run to your dream, then walk. If you can't walk, then crawl. If you can't crawl, then lay down in the direction of your dream and just look at it! But never give up! Believe in yourself!


Interview by Heart of Hollywood Magazine